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Trying something new?

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Im 26 and haven't exactly had a successful time dating. 

One 6 year traumatic relationship, a few that never panned out, then 2 more recent guys that BOTH managed to miss their ex but waiting a good while to tell me that before breaking it off. 

BUT I've been seeing this new guy (also 26) for about a month? He's definitely different seeming so far. 

The last couple guys I dated weren't bad people, but definitely right away made me feel less special by always commenting about their exes and getting more physical asap. 

This guy on our first date just straight up admitted his nerves. I wasn't sure the first time we met if he was my type but we hit it off so well that we've kinda just kept it up and I think i really like him. 

We see each other on the weekends because well work opposite shifts during the week. But even then he makes a point to want to call me on my lunch break and stuff and it's sweet. It seems minor but that's something nobody else has been interested in doing yet.

Today was the first time we've even kissed or had any non platonic contact. Prior to this we've just been getting to know each other and I have to say it's nice to not feel rushed. And after he admitted how nervous he was about it 😭❤️

Honestly the combination of him being bold enough to go through with it and admit that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard and I didn't expect to have that effect/ never have before. 

I don't know a ton about his dating history yet, but he just seems like a kind man and I'm glad I tested it out a little longer. I tend to just assume (not good of me) when the interest isn't obvious quickly that they just aren't interested.

I guess this isn't really a question but I just wanted to type it out to process/absorb it all a little. It's just exciting to see early signs that maybe I've found a quality guy

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I would take this one date at a time.  Each date is the last unless there is another time/place plan for another date -that's the reality.  Get to know him over a long period of time and avoid too much chat buddy texting stuff about your day -like an old married couple (which I am in) - you will know over the next 6 months to a year whether he, like you, is a person of character and integrity plus compatible with you.  

I feel badly that you're comparing him to people who were unavailable and far too focused on sex. I met a couple of those in my 24 years of dating but mostly I was treated with respect and like a lady - and did the same in return.  I wasn't pressured for sex, men called me in advance to ask me out and plan dates, there was mutual interest in getting to know each other and mutual interest in kissing, being romantic, being affectionate and sexual when it was comfortable for both of us. 

I'm sorry you had those experiences but those men are not people you should compare this person to - compare him to - himself -have fun on each date even if it might be the last and get to know him over a longer period of time befor assuming he is a good match for you.

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