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does he like me more than a friend?


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so there's this guy let's call him j, we are both high schoolers who go to the same high school. we met through a friend who is having her sweet 16 we go to practice twice a week. we see eachother at practice and around school. we actually knew each other before practice well in a way we did. we always made eye contact in the hallways and i would always see him at lunch and we would always make long eye contact whenever we saw each other. but we've known each other for about a month now and i don't know if he likes me as just a friend or not?

examples on why i think he likes me: whenever he sees me he always comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder he doesn't say anything but he just taps me and smiles and then he just walks away, whenever i see him he also always smirks at me. another thing is he always tries to find a way to mess with me, for example whenever im laying down he comes up to me and unties my shoes for no reason weird right? ,whenever it's just me and him alone he always tries to get to know me better he asks me questions and makes fun of me for stuff ,he always flirts with me and always keeps eye contact whenever we speak and whenever we have practice i always bring up not wanting to go and he tells me i have to go to practice he doesn't say "i want you to go" but he always says it nervously for example " you better go to practice" or " cmon u have to show up" but he says it while rubbing his neck and looking away with a smile.

reasons why i think he doesn't like me: he seems to be very flirty i think he has a very flirty personality there's 2 girls at the practice as well and both of them have told me they have feelings or him at separate times. i have never told them my feelings towards him and whenever they ask me questions on how i feel about him i always just tell them i don't like him and that he's not my type.( note i do actually have feelings for him its not a hugeeee crush but i do feel something) they both flirt with him and he seems to flirt back i think ( i don't know if he's just being friendly)

one of the girls flirts with him more than the other she always touches his hair and for the dance we are going to do at her sweet 16 we have partners she is partnered up with j and she always tried to hold onto his hand for lober than she should after the music has stopped he doesn't seem uncomfortable with it but he does let her hand go even if she hasn't yet. she also touches his hair he doesn't seem to care but she never lets me sit next to him and whenever i try to she always tells me to move and i don't want her to be mad at me so i just move and let her sit near him is that wrong? 

i hope i gave enough detail please help me idk what he thinks about me and he's never asked me for my number i don't have social media because i think i get way to distracted and ive told him that i don't have social media like snapchat, instagram ect. he keeps on telling me to download them again but i just say i dont think its good for me, but he's never asked for my number if he wants it heel ask for it right? or is he too nervous to ask for my number? or does he just not want it?

i would also like advice on how to flirt with him more 🙂

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I can't give you flirting advice as it's not my strength. But here's a story for you:

I remember, one time when I was in HS, two girls asked me if I liked a particular boy. I was taken by surprise, and said that I didn't like him. Honestly that wasn't true as he hadn't even crossed my mind. What I hadn't realized at the time is that they were his friends. So by telling them that I didn't like him, I closed that door. He was quite a catch at the time.

Since you like the guy, stop telling others that you don't. He might hear it and then lose interest in you. Find a way to not answer that question.

As for your number, just give it to him. You could say: I don't have social media, but here's my number. If he likes you, he'll contact you.

Good luck!


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So from a guy who's old enough to be your father. I think you should start with giving him your number. While he may be flirty, he could also be shy about actually asking you, (or any girl out). J could be unsure of your feelings, and asking a girl out can be terrifying to even the most confident at 16.

Also don't download an App or do anything just to make a guy like you, it's not worth your dignity. If they like you, they'll be respectful of and happy with your boundaries.

As far a flirting. Well there are some wise women in here that can help there.

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9 hours ago, Mya_Silva8 said:

 I would also like advice on how to flirt with him more 


Smile,be friendly and say hi to everyone. Be approachable and involved in school activities 

Is this the same boy?:


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It's high school....a boy does what he can to get girls attention. He likes you, he likes them, he's seeing what sticks.....he's trying to get something.

If you want his attention you have to respond heavily to his eye contact, interaction by smiling lots, laughing at his jokes, looking real pretty, good eye contact, lightly toughing his arm when talking to him, friendly banter. 

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Not sure why you want to have anything to do with a man who has so many admirers. This was always a turn off to me. The irony is that these kinds of people usually have a crush on me (when we were in school) but wouldn't give them any attention. I used to have crushes on the quiet and unassuming nerdy guys so I'm also not equipped to help you with getting attention from them. It only seems the less attention I gave the more I got which was annoying. 

I like greendots' suggestion about giving him your number. It's direct and you'll know then if he likes you enough to reach out to you. If he doesn't, next him to the next crush.

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