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I do feel less safe on trains and buses because of covid and I've been 100% telework instead of 80% since 3/2020 so I haven't had to commute (my commute is 35-40 minutes door to door -half walking half train -if I drove it would be anywhere from 10-15 minutes and much much longer if during rush hour). 

I can get to all shopping by walking.  My son did need a lift to Sunday school this year because taking him by bus etc just didn't make sense -my husband drives him -less than 10 minute drive.  But he never drives me to or from shopping -he used to once in awhile before covid but I got in the habit of being the only one to shop and it's fine.  So he's not burdened by my not driving. 

I flew again in November.  I've been on two plane trips - one long one over thanksgiving and one shorter one last month.  We have plans for three plane trips so far in June and July.  I feel fine about it so far!


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Greetings everyone!  Been a busy first week for me with my first week back to working at home.  It was your typical new employee orientation stuff on Monday.  Then the rest of the week was spent doing online training with ethics and compliance.  In addition to starting my in-depth technology training.  Been very productive so far!

Yes I do drive.  In fact this past Thursday I tried going to another Meetup which was about 40 minutes away from me by freeway.  Didn't stay very long as it was another very loud environment and there was going to be a lot of people around like a block party with it being Cinco De Mayo.  It was an area of town which had a lot of bars and clubs in proximity and the streets were closed off.  I wasn't aware the city was doing that and making a block party out of it.  Needless to say I left pretty frustrated.  Not only was I frustrated at the environment but also that I spent gas money to get there that could have been used somewhere else I would have enjoyed.  I thought it was going to be a decent music volume get together at a nice bar.  However, I should have known better and that also frustrated me.  Ended up going to my favorite sushi place to eat which put a smile back on my face again.  Once I got home though I kept thinking about how annoying it is here that everything is so spread out.  It is what it is. 

Like Rose said, I'm just going to concentrate on what I love doing and what makes me happy the most.  These days I've found myself being a homebody more and more.  Just don't want to turn into a hermit and be alone all the time outside of visiting my mother or occasional friend get together. 

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