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he's sooooo frustrating!!!...grrrrrr...

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i don't know what to do with this guy....we've both established that we really like eachother...ok, so there shouldn't be a problem, right? wrong!


so we keep talkin or whatever then all of a sudden he goes into this pity party thing "awww, i don't know why you like me!...i'm so ugly and worthless...nobody could really like me" and all that...first time he mentioned it, even maybe first couple of times, i was like awwww, no you're not...you're worth so much to everybody that knws you...and all that...but its been like a week...adn the conversation always ends on this note...and i'm tired of it now...i don't know what else to say to him and i told him...and he was like, see everybody gives up on me...i don't know what to do anymore...i told him that he's not, and if he can't believe me, thats his problem...should i just leave him alone and forget about him? or whatever...i dont know what to do, but he's killin me...lol...


what should i do? help please....



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It's really difficult to spend time with someone who is so constantly negative that it brings you down as well.


Since you have brought this up to him and it doesn't seem to do anything but perpetuate the situation, you really have to decide if you are willing to put up with it or not.


There are plenty of people in this world that you can date, is it worth it to you to continue to try and wring out this wet blanket?

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Wow this guy has reeallly low self confidence...not to mention if you did stop talking to him, or initiate anything...it probably would only hurt him further.


It's a hard situation....he needs to stop acting like a wimp tho and act like a man....no wonder you hate hearing those things...they're so negative..I mean how can you like someone who doesn't even like themself?


Like the above...I'd say to bring it up...tell him to stop acting so negative, and that he needs to pick himself up and if he needs help, you'll be there, but this is probably something he's gonna have to figure out on his own...even if he needs to find help

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i don't know what to do anymore...i told him that he's not, and if he can't believe me, thats his problem...


That's pretty much the way I see it. I wouldn't want to get into a relationship with such an insecure person. He'll probably end up being jealous because he's so insecure, and I can see him cheating on you as well. People who aren't secure in themselves are easily tempted by other people who will give them a small ego boost.



This guy sounds like he needs counseling. When he gets his stuff together, maybe you can consider them. I'd forget about him for now though.

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I dated a guy who did this and it didn't go very well. I say let him go so he can sort out his issues. He is only going to pull you down with him if you stay.


Don't worry, you aren't his therapist so it isn't your job to "fix" him. Let him figure it out.

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Tell him that you don't wanto here it anymore. Be straight up. He might be saying it cuz he hears it from someone else all the time so you don't want to hurt his feelings or he might be doing it cuz he likes to hear you say the opposite all the time so before he starts sayin that crap say something nice about him first. Mainly be straight up and if he continues, tell him he's annoying and tell him he needs to grow up.

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