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17 year old kitty


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On 4/26/2022 at 7:31 PM, reinventmyself said:

Let's see if there's a compromise.

My heart goes out to you and Macy, Reinvent.

Thank you for giving this beautiful creature so many years of love and care.

It's shocking how hard the end of life of a pet can hit us, and I'm holding you both in my thoughts.

(((BIG HUG)))) and lots of love,

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Unfortunately, sometimes animals aren't as expressive in exhibiting pain as humans are. It's a big worry that they suffer without us knowing. I'm very sad for your situation, which I will eventually have to deal with as well with my two cats. And have dealt with with former canine pets. Here is something I found on in an article on the Internet. Take care.


Reduced appetite.


Decreased interest in positive things like playing, social interaction and exploring outside. 

Being withdrawn and hiding away.

Appearing lame and experiencing increased sensitivity to touch in specific areas of their body.

Reduction in movement and activity.

Changes in behavioural patterns. For example, your cat may start to avoid doing things that they either know or think will cause them pain. They may no longer jump up onto beds or other raised surfaces due to the expectation that this will hurt.

Poor mood and temperament; increased irritability.

Vocalisation e.g. frequent unpleasant or urgent sounding meowing, groaning, hissing, growling.

When in pain, your cat may actively or passively avoid being handled by either moving away from people or behaving aggressively when approached or touched.

Decreased grooming in general or increased grooming but to a particular area (potentially leading to bald patches and/or sore skin).


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I'm glad things seem to be going well . . . ?

Our kitty, I don't know what to think.  Last night and this morning there has been a lot of blood coming from the tumor near her eye/nose (she scratches at it a lot) and also out of her nose, I believe.  Just yesterday I confirmed our appointment at the animal oncologist, feeling optimist she'd make it, but today I'm not so sure.  I see some blood on the carpet about halfway up the stairs, too.  Fortunately this is not new carpet, ha!  She is sort of moping today.  But tomorrow could be different.  Maybe I mentioned this has been going on for several (3+) months.

When I was out of state the past couple of weeks, I had one of the kids staying at my house and apparently the cat had a couple days of looking and acting "sad" and not eating but then perked up again.  We never know what to expect day to day.

This is very stressful.  😞

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Posted (edited)
18 minutes ago, waffle said:


This is very stressful.  😞

No doubt.  It's such a non stop internal war wrestling to do what's best and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Hoping Kitty has a better day today.  ((hugs))

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