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Rejected me in a rude way, then reappeared


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On 4/22/2022 at 2:47 PM, smackie9 said:

Ya sounds like he was just liking you as a friendly contact to widen his social circle. The heart emoji ...well probably was taken back by it...it may have looked a bit much to him, maybe felt embarrassed. I have seen it before...people will take a step back, think maybe it was a mistake, and then come back, act as nothing has happened and hope it meant nothing. He probably wants to keep your professional relationship so he's trying to keep the status quo by returning on your social media. How you feel...keep it to yourself. I don't think he had any intension of hurting you at all. Just an awkward moment. 

This right here.

I would also add… your reaction is VERY strong given the situation… do you think you may have been triggered by what he did because it reminded you of a past experience?


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Still reeling over the opening questions . . If someone who kindly called to asked me on date and I opened with aggressively grilling him in a three different ways if he was recently ill. . .because he deleted an emoji and was quiet for period of time?

I wouldn't be all surprised if he hung up on me.

He just asked me "how much do I owe you?" and I answered "nothing, good luck". It was my way of showing him that I am not financially interested in him, but privately.    I have to add this from the very beginning.  If all the fuss was over his indirect message by deleting an emoji and how upset she is that he didn't articulate it to her in a way she deemed appropriate. -  would this response be considered direct or rather passive aggressive?  

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