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Seeing each other once a week

Daisy Brown

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On 4/20/2022 at 2:49 AM, Daisy Brown said:

Im trying not to be pushy or coming on too strong, idk.

Why would asking someone out on a date be pushy? He's asked you out. That shows interest, same as a positive text such as: Hope you're having a great day.

But people do work and/or might be in college, so they might not be able to respond immediately, or might not be the type who are tethered to their phones.

If you scare someone away by acting exactly as you want to, he wasn't the right one for you, anyway.

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I kind of figured this was a brand new dating situation given your reluctance to answer the questions. Two dates is not a trend and you two are not in a relationship. And yes, it's too soon to ask for exclusivity because you hardly know one another.

I would continue dating and see how it goes. And yes, ask him out on a midweek date! Why not? It's not "pushy". Do you think he's "pushy" when he asks you out? Surely not. If you want to see him more, ask him!

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3 hours ago, Daisy Brown said:

Been dating a couple of weeks 

After you've gone out several times,  start planning dates in advance and asking him out in advance. Two dates once a week is fine.

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