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Do you believe in superstition?

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I couldn't really find any forum subheading that matched this topic so I guess it can just go in here lol

I'm a bit superstitious and I'm really starting to feel like something is off here....

I live in Melbourne in Australia and granted we did have the longest COVID lockdowns in the world....

In July last year I had a trip to Sydney all paid for with a few friends. We were going there mainly to see the stage musical Hamilton. Everything was going well with COVID case numbers for about five months and only mild restrictions. Then things began to get worse and just a week or less before the trip to Sydney, a very strict lockdown started and basically couldn't leave the house unless for food or medical reasons. So I cancelled everything at the last minute but fortunately got refunds.

Then my best friend and I booked another trip to Sydney in early March this year. We had a lot of events and places we were going to so we prepaid for them to secure the tickets. We still have high COVID numbers but the Australian government has lifted most restrictions and took the approach that now we're just living with it and things won't be closed or cancelled due to COVID. Anyway everything was fine but Sydney had been getting a lot of heavy rain and literally a few days before our flight, they got severe floods there. Like, houses were covered with water to the roof, roads and places closed, some people even died or at least lost their homes or pets and belongings. It was also going to torrentially rain every day of our trip. Some of our events were outside so we decided not to go and literally cancelled everything just the day before.

The airline could only give me flight credits and the hotel was non refundable so could only book for a later date. So I booked everything again to go to Sydney for ten days from this weekend onwards, as there will be some public holidays and time off. The floods had actually stopped but close to me going they started again. Though now seems to have improved.

My flight is tomorrow night. I work with people with disabilities and this morning I was sitting close to and having a chat with my client's roommate. I have to wear a face mask at work but I am allowed to take it off if I eat or drink. I was eating so I took the mask off.

As my client and I were out, the residential manager where he lives (supported accommodation) called and said we immediately need to return to the house and do a Rapid Antigen Test, as a staff member there just found out they have COVID. We went home and our RAT was negative but that housemate I was chatting to with no masks on tested positive!

I've had COVID before but not the same variant and I'm also triple vaccinated. The problem is sometimes COVID doesn't show up straight away on those home tests and I only talked to the housemate this morning. My flight to Sydney is tomorrow so there's a chance I'll realise I have it once there. If I have it that requires me to isolate for seven days and I'm only there for eight days! Technically ten but two days my flight is late at night or early in the morning so I'm only using those days to fly in and out.

To add to this, just this week they began to say on the news and radio that there are bad airport problems due to shortage of staff. There are not enough staff and there are huge queues. People are being told to arrive 2-3 hours in advance just for a domestic flight. 

Does this all sound just like normal "living in the apocalypse stuff"? Lol Or is something maybe telling me not to go to Sydney? Lol

Oh, and I actually have a few good friends in Sydney and I enjoy going there. Just to explain why I really wanted to go there.

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I think in this situation- unfortunately- it’s not superstition etc it’s just like Seraphim wrote. And it sucks. I hope you continue to test negative. And I had to cancel my 2020 Hamilton tickets as well.  I still haven’t seen it!

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I believe the universe is trying to tell me something when something repeatedly doesn't work out. I just throw up my hands and say "OK,I get it. This isn't supposed to happen."

I had to cancel my trip to Cabo in August 2020. I haven't tried to rebook it because I refuse to fly during the pandemic (I hate to fly anyway. I'm not afraid, I just get severe motion sickness and I hate being crammed next to strangers) so I am taking a road trip with family in a few weeks instead. I'm planning to stick to road trips and train travel for the foreseeable future.

I hope you're able to fight off getting Covid. I had it once and suspect I had it again earlier this year. Not a fun time.

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