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Just kind of curious what women think of men in Drag (heterosexual transvestite)? Women have all the great clothes, make-up and shoes. As a artist I have always enjoyed painting, why not our faces and bodies? I also get the feeling most people think that transvestites are almost always gay, which is not true.

I dress very well and can pass most of the time.

How many women out there would date or flirt with a transvestite?


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I am one of those girls that thinks that if you are dressed in drag that you are gay- because you are trying to be a girl!! I don't think that it's wrong- your preference, not mine.

If a girl dressed as a guy- they would consider her gay also.


I personally would not date a guy in drag, I want a man to be a man- in every aspect.


Guys have great clothes also- I am not trying to say stop dressing in drag- if that's what you like- but if you want to attract women, and not be thought of as gay try being more creative with the clothes made for men.

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I think I would presume that the guy was gay too, but that's got a lot to do with the fact that I've only met gay transvestites. I wouldn't have any problem dating someone who cross dressed, BUT I think it would be different in the initial stages of dating just because I would assume them to be gay.

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