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How to cut ties

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Hello, I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this under, but as this deals with family I was unsure.  Recently my mom and brother were evicted from their home due to not paying rent for almost a year.  They are currently staying in a hotel right now looking for housing. I have been supporting them for the last 5+ years helping them with rent, car payments, etc. I just can’t anymore. I recently got married and want to work on my future with my wife.  However they’ve been used to me paying for everything.  I found out that most of the bills they said they couldn’t pay, that I had to help with, we’re because they were spending money on tv/internet/etc.  this is t the first time they’ve been in this situation.  Pretty much ever since I moved out at 18 that I was helping them with bills. My mother worked for a company that paid well, but left because she didn’t like the schedule. My brother works for a grocery store and has no plans to promote or move up. They expect me to pay for everything and up until recently I did. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. For the last decade because of childhood/work trauma and would just give them money when I was ***ed up because I didn’t think anything of it. But now that I’ve been sober I stopped giving them money and they resent me for it.  I still gave them money when they asked but nothing like it was before. However with the latest events it’s made me relapse into drinking, brought back thoughts of suicide just because of how stressed out it made me trying to deal with their problems and mine.  I’m at the point where I literally cannot support them/take care of them anymore. She has health issues and I know being homeless could possibly kill her but I’ve just literally done everything g I can. I haven’t slept more than an hour or two for months because the stress keeps me up at night. But I know I can’t keep doing this or I may end up in a very dark place again and have even contemplated suicide multiple times recently.  I know I need to set boundaries or let them go but I just don’t know how.  How do I tell them I can’t help anymore and leave them to be on the streets?  I’m so torn up over all over this

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9 hours ago, Stickfingaz91 said:

 my mom and brother were evicted from their home due to not paying rent for almost a year.  They are currently staying in a hotel right now looking for housing

They need to go to social services for assistance with food stamps housing medical care and employment assistance.

Stop enabling them. They won't be on the street if they apply for the proper social services which includes homeless shelter placement.

How did this happen? Are there mental health or substance abuse issues?

Stay sober. Focus on your own physical and mental health. Consider deleting and blocking them for a while. You're not the welfare department and that's where they need to go and apply for assistance.

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