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Okay, So i havn't has PROPER bf since i was 7! And even then it was just fake love! .... Am i not attractive?....Never kissed, never made out, never held a hand of a boyfriend, never had a boyfriend, never had an arm around me., im 15 and everyone has bfs around me! Im so left out! ......I've become so desprate to get a bf i've asked people who are skanky out! Or the ones who say yes to the manks, and they said no to me!!! Im so upset, please help!


~Kat. XxX

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Don't feel bad at all. And don't worry about others having boyfriends or seeing people in magazine and television going out at 13, 14, 15 years old. Like Santa said - most people don't have a steady boyfriend/gf at 15.


Be patient and wait for the good guys. If you are so desperate to have a boyfriend you are going to end up with a guy who wants you just for sex, or who abuses you because he can, or some other equally unpleasant reason. Guys take awhile to mature. It will be better in a couple of years when they have grown up and so have you.


Love yourself for who you are. Nobody needs to have a boyfriend/girlfriend in order to be a special person. You can be that way all on your own.

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i'm turning 20 soon and I haven't had a boyfriend or any of the things you mentioned! It may seem like everyone around you has a boyfriend, but I am quite sure you aren't the only one who doesn't have one.


Either way though, don't freak out about it. The more you want a boyfriend, the more desperate you are going to seem and the more that will drive the guys away! Focus on yourself and being comfortable with yourself alone first and the guys will come afterwards

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You say you're desperate for a b/f?? Here is a little tip for you...that is not an attractive trait to have. I, personally, find women more appealing when it seems to me that it's going to take some work on my part to call a woman my g/f. It's possible that your "desperation" shows and that could turn off would-be suitors. Just relax and get comfortable in your own skin and others will see it too and be attracted to that.

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don't rush yourself to have a boyfriend now b/c you are still young and you have a long way to go. i am 17 now and my boyfriend is 19 and we met each other last year. he is my first boyfriend and i am his first girlfriend and the thing that make us so close together is that we did not rush ourselves to get into a relationship so fast. to tell you the true i use to think the same thing about myself when i was your age but i realize that it's good not having a boyfriend at that age bc i can have more time to go do things that i like to make myself happy and when you are happy with who are then you will look pretty.

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At fifteen years old, your at a tender age of hormones etc


Count yourself lucky for one lol


And understand that you have your whole life to live and have boyfriends, some good, some not so good, but we learn, we grow and we mature..


All part of growing up.


You'll find someone. We all do eventually..


[still waiting ]


I'm a strong believer that there IS someone for everyone.. well not just one obviously but there is one person perfect for you that you will meet in your life..


good luck





If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

A. A. Milne

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Well, first of all, I believe dating involves a set of skills. I think most guys are easy to attract (for some of us, though, take more than just looks and smiles...). But you can't be desperate. You're pretty young, and I guess anyone of us who have never had a gf/bf (I've never had a gf, and I'm 17...) can relate to the feeling. But you gotta understand that your "skills" will get better and it'll happen. Just don't be too desperate and don't put too much importance into it, cause after all, it's bad to base your happiness on one single person (cause when said person leaves, you'll be devastated...). Just relax and enjoy your youth. I know I've wasted most of mine (This has happened even since I was a child... I feel like I didn't live my childhood to the max). Good luck and best wishes.

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Yeah there are far more important things to worry about in high school that getting a girlfriend. I'm 18 and have yet to have one, but I'm not let that getting to me. It's only a matter of time! And it'll be all the more special. Most guys your age have a girlfriend for the sake of them being able to say that they have a girlfriend. It isn't a race to see who can get a girlfriend the soonest.


Like Dead Eyes pointed out, enjoy your youth. You only can be a teen once, and your high school years (and college years) are pretty important in terms of carrer interests or whatever. Don't let something like dating/girls get in the way of your life.


Don't you think it would be better to be with someone that really meant something to you and not just to say that you have a girlfriend? Plus most girls your age aren't particularly looking for a serious relationship.

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dont worry, i didnt have my first girlfriend until i was 17 and i havent had anything worth talking about since then, and im quite tasty, lol.


Believe me at that age you do just want to go out there and have a boyfriend and be loved. however, most of the guys that i know dont fal in love with girls they use girls. So hold on enjoy your youth, and wait love will come to you when you are ready and when you are not looking for it. so relax.


im sure that your a pretty girl so dont worry about a thing and let what will happen happen. also dont just ask skank guys out coz if you dont like them, how long will it be before you want to dump them.

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I've had two relationships in my life, one at 14 one at 16 I believe it was. Over those years I realized one thing, most (but not all) during their teen years (especially the early teen years) feel nearly obligated to engage in the relationship fad. Quarter hormones, quarter peer pressure and two quarters anything else that blows by. Most of these relationships don't last long at all. Worse cases, one would be serious for a relationship where as the other was strictly of the "get out there and get me one" attitude and caused break up, and pain for the serious one.


True relationships take time, and getting to know an individual. In reality they're not sugar coated. Many movies depict everything is on a talk-kiss and make up basis -or- fling this loser out and be another wonderful person just waiting to grab you up shall be waiting. Heh, only if this was true in the world of love.


Honestly looking back, involving myself during those years didn't actually give much in the way of benefits. We were ready to get our feet wet without a clue. Relationships had a way of affecting everything. School life, Home life, Living life in general. Sometimes had more negative than positive. I may have more relationship experience to my name but when you find true love it doesn't mean much, sometimes you actually wish you hadn't so that you could of shared the growth process with the one whom you truly love.


Main word of advice though, if you do go searching, don't pick up the first one you see. When we're young, hormones sometimes speak louder than our brains. Its problematic. Choose someone that isn't out to use and abuse so to speak. It isn't impossible to find someone like this, but it takes a good deal more looking and work than does picking whatever is openly available, just to be included for the "in" crowd of friends.

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Ya im 18 and still havent had a gf or any of those things uve said.Hell ill prolly be 50 lol and everything will still be the same.


Like Skyteph said. Stop sitting around your house, thinking about how ugly you are and telling all of us on a bloody internet messageboard about how ugly you think you are -- get out there, get some confidence, dont give a f*** about your looks or what anyone else thinks, go to a party and GET WITH SOMEONE

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Ok, lol.. to the original poster.


You're not unattractive! You might seem a little bit desperate, asking all those people out.. I dont know. But hey, i'm fuging gorgeous and I was like you, 15, never kissed or anything like that. Then, I started going out with friends, partying and stuff (I just used to bum around my house alot) and hey, in the space of a month I managed to get with 3 people. Yeah.. I can't really give you advice on getting a bf lol as i've never had one either, but hey, its SO MUCH FUN being single.. do you really want to give up the fun and freedom you have, being single, and be commited to just one person?


But hey, you'll find someone. My main problem a few years ago was that I was really shy.. like, didn't even talk to my friends at lunch time I was so... i dunno. Intimidated by other people, and so people didn't bother coming and talking to me Now.. they're just too intimidated by my sexy looks lol jk. But yeah. Ignore your looks.. what else do you think is stopping you from getting to know new people?

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Its really not that bad to not have a boyfriend at fifteen, trust me you are not that far behind. You have to be confident in yourself...if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. There is some one out there for everyone. Even if you've never had any affection coming in from some boyfriend its okay!! there will be plenty to come... The dating world isn't the most fantastic...it can really hurt sometime...I'd say for now...Have fun and live it up! I'm only 15 and I'm havin a blast bein single, just hanging out with friends all the time...Hope everything works out for the best. ~Erica Nicole

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