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The waiting game

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Does anyone regret that they waited for marriage? Or maybe you regret that you didn’t? Do you think that having only 1 partner has solidified your relationship in the long run? Do you think waiting for sex lead to any relationship hardships? 

Religion and family opinion during my upbringing lead me this this choice…. And my previous partner was 100% in the same boat. It was easy with him, because we had intended to be each other’s first and only. Now that he’s gone, I regret that we didn’t. 

And that leads me to now. New boyfriend isn’t pressuring me in the slightest, but…  I’m pressuring myself? And I guess I have massive guilt on my conscience that I’m changing my mind. Damn you, religious views! 

I don’t know, I guess this is super weird topic. I know I’m probably in the minority with this.  I have a hard time confiding in my best friend about this— I’m dating her brother. Not really something I want to broach with her.

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I was going to wait for marriage.  I was engaged at 23 and realized I was with the wrong guy. Really really hard choice.  We were waiting so when we ended things I was a virgin.  I then started dating someone and the chemistry was through the roof.  A year later I decided not to wait any longer.  He'd been with two people before me (in college).  I don't regret not waiting and I regretted that even though we waited it was pressure filled when it finally happened.  I got married at 42 and I don't regret having very few partners by choice (yes, I was sexual with more people but I am talking about "all the way" lol). 

I also never had casual sex other than my on and off again ex were in a sort of on status and were having sex although not yet "official" but we were monogamous.  That I guess was technically "casual" as in uncommitted but we had intentions to get back together.  

I've been married 13 years. My husband also did not have many partners, by choice. And for me personally, I'm happy about that.

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