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Surround yourself with those whom cherish you.

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Great post, absolutely.... rid yourself of the toxic, negativity and drama.

Lots of people seem drawn to drama, but it usually signals boredom and unhappiness in themselves and in their life and trying to fill the void.

I do believe that those who are healed and are in a more healthy state of mind, prefer peace, and only allow those around them that bring positivity, happiness and peace.

Quality over quantity.

Thanks for the reminder. ❤️


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Well said, Limichelle. I think most of us have cleared out an address book at some point in life.

It's not a 'bad' thing unless we choose to view it that way.

Once it's viewed from a distance, a whole new perspective can be gained, and that builds confidence in our choices as we move forward.

Keep inspiring, lovely!

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Yes indeed, limichelle.   It "only" took me almost a lifetime to finally figure this out!

Ever since I was a little girl, it was extremely important for me to be well liked by many.  I'm well liked but I no longer need to try so hard to win a popularity contest.  I'm completely satisfied with fewer,  higher quality people compared to my previous self.  I have more time and energy for myself, too.

My MIL (mother-in-law) told me to accept people's foibles.  I beg to differ.  If a person doesn't treat me with common sense respect and kindness or if I witness they don't treat others with respect and dignity, that particular person is no longer welcome in my life.  If our paths must cross, I'm civil, peaceful, well mannered and polite yet I deliberately maintain a frosty distance.  I don't trust people who don't behave with common decency and common courtesy.  Ever since I've become more strict with my standards and whom I choose to associate or not associate with, I've never been more at peace. 

I've since purged some complicated, unkind, tricky people from my life and it's been a catharsis.   There have been people in my life who were deceitful, betrayed me, lied, backstabbed or were dishonest.  I only want sincere, very humble people in my life.  Everyone else is eliminated.  It pays to become very picky and choosy.   🙂

The lady in your water color painting class, couldn't be further from the truth!  Surround yourself with people who are worthy and the rest?  They're a waste of your precious time and energy.


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