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will my coworker who i hooked up with get over it?

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I've recently hooked up with a coworker twice within a couple of days...by the way we were drunk both times. We have been pals for 2 years and always enjoyed fun loving chats and hung out occasionally outside of work. This guy is a younger than me..he's 24 and I'm 29.


After the hookup, we have chatted on IM frequently but I feel like he is annoyed by me (even though he has initiated the contact more than me). I feel like he thinks he "has" to keep in touch with me for fear of me freaking out on him (which won't happen). But now his IM chats are kinda short and snippy. I want to get back the fun loving conversations we used to have! I really just want to be his friend if nothing else but I think he's weirded out by this hookup.


What are the chances he will get over it? Anything I can do to help this along? Any advice will be appreciated!



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no chance that he wants to continue. If he did, wouldn't he be asking me to hang out or talking to me more? believe me, if there was any hint that he wanted to hang out or something, i would jump on it.


hope that provides a little more insight.

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