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He broke up before our marriage after 8 years relationship because of a prenup

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4 hours ago, tattoobunnie said:

So the uncle uses his nephew as a shell to hide money from his ex-wife...and the nephew, your ex is totally cool with this.   Hiding assets with another adult doesn't help you evade taxes - it's to avoid splitting of assets when divorcing.  You dodged a bullet because that guy will do the exact same thing to you. And that di*k pic...wow, I would have thrown his phone down a well.  Any man who calls you a B and N word because he got caught will always be a CHILD.

Yes, he used him to hide his money by alluring him that it will all be his when he passes away. Otherwise I don't think he would tolerate all of his trouble. The uncle is crazy and he even fights with him every time something goes wrong or when he thinks some money is missing or whatever. I honestly think that this test showed me how much money was more important to him than me and our relationship. I stood up because I really wanted to see my value and I got my answer.

When he called me the N and B word it was during our first long breakup for another reason, and then after we got back together later on while we were on a vacation, I caught that photo by chance. But anyways it doesn't make any difference. He is an a**hole and a child as you mentioned. 

Thank you for your input!

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