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My boyfriend gets mad when i don't answer the phone..

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There are two reasons why, and they both are not good.

1) He thinks his time is more important than yours

2) He's deflecting because he's been misbehaving.

Either way, he is disrespectful.  You both didn't schedule a call together, so it's not like you are standing him up.  He randomly calls, and shows little concern as to why you might have missed it.  It's all about him.  What a chore.

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Unfortunately, I agree with the good folks who are warning you that yelling and accusations are not only abnormal and not acceptable or natural, they are a form of control that will increase to other areas of your autonomy.

This new mistreatment is actually an old attitude that he has kept hidden from you, only now he views you as safely coercible to accept it.

This is a sign of potential danger to you.

If you think you're working too hard to appease him now, I'm sorry to tell you that this kind of behavior does not get better over time, it gets worse.

You've noticed that he's unwilling to accept your explanations. He's not interested in your legitimate reasons--he's only focused on seeing how willing you are to appease him and how far he can push you to acquiesce into accepting increasing levels of mistreatment.

I'm also sorry to tell you that you will not be able to reason this guy out of this track of behavior.

For more information please contact www.thehotline.org for The National Domestic Violence Hotline or 800-799-7233.


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