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Resignations, Manager movement, new project, covid, uncertainity

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Just wanted some advice on how to manage a situation at work that has got me lot anxious, some uncertainty has creeped in, am worried with future directions of company. There has been a huge restructuring in organization. My manager has decided to move on to another department , Feb will be his last month, so a week to go, sudden departure, but i think he had planned it for sometime, he said he cant guarantee a good raise as a new guy will work on it , but only ratings he can manage, few very good colleagues have put down papers and are moving out of company.

Me, my colleagues who report to him came to know our salaries are not as per industry standards as company HR had communicated and they have recruiting new people with less experience but very high salaries sometimes 30 to 40% more than us, things have really gone from good to bad in matter few months, with me taking up a new project some months back and the resources involved reporting to other managers also resigning from the project left right and centre. 

How to handle this situation? I have also been thinking of moving out but also worried as am not getting time to study for interviews, due to new project taking up some time and a recent covid infection leaving me with some bad effects, like tiredness and a humming sound in ears so am not in a good shape but managing it. I have been advised by docs to put in lot of proteins like eggs and chicken regularly on health front.I haven't gone out for my regular walks and running due to above health situation, the day i try to,  i get very very tired and just have to sleep it off.

Feel depressed doing WFH as well for over 2 years now, sometimes i feel am dragging myself to work, i usually work from my office/guest room at home.



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I’m very sorry. This extends beyond your employment and it sounds like mismanagement at higher levels, beyond the scope or duties of you or your colleagues. Yes, absolutely start polishing your CV and start applying to other positions. You must have known for some time that your salaries were not competitive with industry standards and the company hasn’t been doing well. You have some idea of the business’s ebb and flow. 

I haven’t had Covid but I understand the effects can be long lasting and fatigue is one of them. I would not wait for the chips to fall regarding your current position. Find a way to organize your time so that you get enough rest, take lots of liquids and talk with your doctor if anything changes. Preparing for interviews gets easier with more practice. Try to think like the employer you’re applying to. 

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