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Creative Writing Exercise


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All budding, aspiring, hobby, dabbling and professional writers of ENA!


Just been browsing around here recently and got to hear about some posters hobbies, passions and professions and it turns out, you guys are all wordsmiths round here! 

I have never taken a writing class, or preformed a writing exercise.


Is this the cliche one I know of?


The idea is, if anyone fancies it and, I would be so curious and honoured to read what anyone might put here, but! 

Choose an object in the room you are currently in. Could be anything. But it has to only be an object and in the room you are currently in! 

And, just write away about it. Whatever you feel or see.


I don’t know if this is gonna fall flat. People are busy. But! If anyone wants to give it a go, you will give me the courage and I will add mine in!


Can be about any object, as long or short as you like, as detailed or non-detailed. There is no wrong or right way.


I have a feeling a tumble weed might blow by on this but if no one posts I will just write one up in a few days time and add this to the archives 🤣


All the best,


Lo x

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