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Stuff 2 do without having sex

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Sounds like your relationship is purely based on sex *cough **** buddies* =P


Nah just messing around. Um ... go bowling? Play some pool? Go clubbing? Go play some tennis ... um ... see who can bite their fingernails off first ... I dunno ...

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Play some of the board games you use to play when you were a kid. Not ones that's gonna take forever. Try trouble, sorry or checkers. You might end up have sex afterwards but at least you were doing something fun and you weren't have sex.

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go biking, hiking, or to the beach, or mountains, or the river. go to a museum. go to a live concert. go out to some good food, italian, chinese, indian, whatever. go shopping. go catch a movie--foreign ones are interesting. go to the gym together. go for a roadtrip. go for a long drive around the city you live. go to a casino. go to a performing arts event. go to an art show. go to a carnival together. go for a long walk. watch a dvd together. go to the zoo, aquarium, feed ducks, pick oranges, plant a tree, build a computer, plan a trip.

lots of good ideas i hope.

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hahaha wow svenman thats fed up!.


And dont worry, if you two connect then you should "try" to do stuff, it should come out naturally. Im in the same place witht his dude, and all we do is have sex...there are very few ppl that can hold a conversation and be interesting. You know what i did that was fun with him? our first date we went to the beach at nite, with out clothes on and then we went to a hotel and sat in the hot tub, sounds cheesse, and its cheesse, but kinda fun, oh we also played pranks on each other, like we had a little war going on and i toilet paper his car at 4 in the morning, you gotta get creative. Go skydiving, its only $300!. Umm well , theres my 2 cents.

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1. Kiss

2. Cuddle

3. Salsa dance

4. Make pizza and ice cream and eat it together

5. HOrse back riding

6. Volleyball

7. Bowling

8. Dates.......

9. Write poetry together

10. Make a scrapbook / photoalbum that tells the story of your relationship...where you first met, ect.

11. WRite love letters

12. Compliment each other

13. Think of 87 more things to do because I have to go to work!!!!!


PS...Sex isn't bad!!!!!!

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this is kinda little kiddish, but play the nervous game. touch each other in spots that are close but not too close to the "hot zones." see how long you can do this before you finally give in and have sex. if you want something completely unrelated to sex, then go for a walk, or take a picnic. spending time outdoors seems to bring out the open-ness in a person.

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