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This happened awhile ago but It still puzzles me. A few years back one of my two best friends moved to arizona and my other best friend pretty muched ditched me and the rest of my friends. I can't figure that out but what makes it weirder is he would be normal in school but if anyone wanted to do something afterschool he would make an excuse and say that he couldn't do it. Eventually he found some new friends and he hangs around with them afterschool. Anyone know why someone would do this?

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Well for one thing it was spur of the moment when he decided to ditch all of his friends. The only difference that I know of is that the people he hangs around with only wear black. (and your probably thinking gothic but they're not, I've hung around with some of those people before)

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Have you ever asked him, "Hey dude- we used to hang out and now you're not around- what's up with that?"

Then whatever the answer, say something like, you didn't know if there'd been a misunderstanding or something.

Hard to know why people do what they do unless you ask them directly. Even that may not clear things up, but at least you gave it a shot.

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