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I am interested in a popular and highly attractive guy at my college

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9 hours ago, Joanna-02 said:

I wasn't really thinking about how he acted, i was just a bit curious how common it is that a guy who is considered enormously attractive by girls causes those girls to act like this just from his looks, whether he likes it or not.
I cannot remember noticing this kind of behaviour to this extent for any other guys that I have been aware of.

If he didn't like it he'd find a way to walk away.  I have when men have come on to me like that.

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On 2/11/2022 at 9:05 PM, Joanna-02 said:

I did make brief eye contact with him yesterday, and smiled a bit at him, but even this seemed to make some girls next to him give me some disapprocing looks.

If I may, I have to wonder if you're imagining things a bit here. 

These girls would have had to be watching you very closely to even notice you made brief eye contact and smiled a little. 

I highly doubt that was the case. They might have glanced in your direction but I think it's a bit of a reach to assume they were paying enough  attention to you to begin with. That's not a shot at you, either. Most people aren't as observant as these girls would have to be to even catch that made quick eye contact. 


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