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Help, final advice!!!!

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I am broken up.. after 5 months, and making good friends with her family, and all my hard work, it's over.

She told me she wants to remain friends, and talks to me whenever I come online, and at school, but this


weekend her, and her friends were drunk, and they invited me over, so when i arrived, they were really out of it.. and later in the night, my ex said "what are you doing here.. just go home" then stormed out.. this is after she broke a mirror, and a desk and kept syaing how big of an idiot she was.


I wasn't drunk or anything, and I was just sitting there, and her frined felt so bad for me.. because I sat there and took being told off by my ex who I would have done so much for.. Today she talked to me on MSN, and I was like "you need to learn to keep your mouth shut" or something, and she said she didn't remember it at all.. and she told me not to talk to her, until I tell her, so I said, okay cya later.


But she said she doesn't remember?? but she remembers everything else that happened that night.. she is changing for the worst, she isn't the same girl as I fell in love with, and all of her frineds say she's changing too.. and they don't like it. She's moody, and likes drinking and stuff.. like on weekends.. she used to not care if she fit in.. as long as we had fun.


What do I do?? It hurts so much to not talk to her.. because she has such a big part of me.. one second she seems interested in talking to me.. then the next day.. something else happens.. What can I do?

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What do you do?


If you TRULY love her, and are such good friends with her family/parents, why don't you do this girl a favor and tell her parents that their daughter is a drunk, having black-outs and crashing into furniture when she drinks, is changing for the worst, and all of her frineds say she's changing too, and likes drinking and stuff.


If you don't want to face her parents, then maybe you don't really care about this girl all that much. I'm assuming she's around 16 years old-- this drinking and stuff is going to damage her and her future and she seems to be totallyl out of control. (if you think she's going to get "mad" at you, so what?)

take care

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You don't need to be treated that way. She is not a good person, not only can you see that but also her friends are starting to see it. It's hard to see someone that you love change and turn into someone you thought them not to be. But you have to accept things as you are and keep your head high, dont lose your dignity, and don't lose your self respect. You are better then her because you would never treat someone like that. IF someone is going to be that ruthless, leave them alone. She is only bringing you down, find a girl that will bring you up. You can do it, i know you can!

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No, she is 14..

She is 14 years old.. and she doesnt have a drinking problem.. she was just pretty smashed that night. I was completely sober.

I am not going to go and get her into trouble, because that leads me nowheres, she is so young, and I don't want to sound like her father when I talk to her. I want to tell her that she is changing for the worst, and that all of her friends are noticing.

But I think I should wait until she talks to me.

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I think you should back away from her for the time being and let her see what it would be like not to have you in her life. If she misses you enough she will want you back - if she does not then you can move on and find somebody who cares about you as much as you do about her.

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She is 14 years old.. and she doesnt have a drinking problem.. she was just pretty smashed that night.


Right. Okay. Whatever you say.


You don't want to "get her into trouble" by alerting her parents that their 14 year old daughter is getting smashed.


If she walks into traffic because she's "smashed" and gets killed, at least you'll know you didn't "go and get her into trouble"


Nice friend you are, huh?

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