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Pain during intercourse

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Are you sure it's your clitoris and not the clitoral hood? The clitoral hood is much more sensitive than the clitoris but in that bad way. That's what I've heard and it's also something I've experienced myself. Also, I've noticed that touching the clitoris without proper lubrication can be uncomfortable and not at all pleasant. lol. Maybe I just have an ultra sensitive clitoris/clitoral hood...? I don't know. lol

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Your clitoris should not "sting" and while intercourse first few times can be painful for SOME women, it should not be unbearable.


Go to a doctor. If you are sexually active you should be having PAP smears and exams at least once a year to check for cervical dysplasia and STDS anyway. Tell them what is going on - you may have an infection and the earlier it is diagnosed the better.

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