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Wrote my ex a postcadd, let me know what you think... she'd recently been messaging my mother and told her she thinks about me everyday everyday.


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Riding my motorbike to bike to Mexico today. Just wanted to say before I go that you're the most attractive girl, the most beautiful, I have ever met. Corny? Yes. But who knows, *** happens and I wanted to say it once more before, you know, something ***ty happened. If I knew a way to unlose my best friend, I'd do it. I never thought I could miss the smell of patchouli this much. I don't know how to not think about you everyday... to have lost that voice and that laugh from my life has got the rest of the world on mute. Rising motorbikes alone is also lonely. Can we be friends by summer so we can ride together? Promise I won't fall in with you again.

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How long were you dating? What was the breakup about? 

Why is she communicating with your mother? How old is she?

How long have you been broken up? 

The postcard seems passive aggressive, as if a desperate attempt to make her reach out such as "before something ***** happens". 

What's up with the road trip and existential angst?

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Year and a half.

Job loss, relocation, lots of outside stressors. 

My mother reached out to her to wish Merry Christmas. Not a big issue they have had a fine friendly relationship. No boundaries were crossed in the interaction. 

Came to a halt Dec 12. Lots of feelings. Very complicated situation.

Road trip is because Canada was -40, my parents have a place in Pheonix. Work is on hold until February didnt want to stay where it was cold if i cold stay wehre its warm. Mostly just something to do. Existential angst is not new to me. 

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