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Not sure... tw//abuse


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59 minutes ago, boltnrun said:

So glad to see you reported him and are making strong decisions to protect yourself and those close to you.

That's freaking awesome. Good for you.

Hope you have access to caring counseling to help you through.

Thanks! I feel so powered against him, I'm a free women!!


53 minutes ago, smackie9 said:

I hope they can find counseling for you. There must be a women's help hotline to get you the help and guidance you will need. They will find the resources available to you. 

Hello, yes I've got multiple hotlines to access, so I'm very greatful!.

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3 minutes ago, DarkCh0c0 said:

You're AWESOME. You're whole and stronger than you think. Keep it up!

Thank youuu!


1 minute ago, DarkCh0c0 said:

Did you leave the bf?

Yes, I have! I'm working with the police to get him behind bars for what he's done to me! 

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18 hours ago, Jibralta said:

There's nothing disappointing about you 💝



18 hours ago, smackie9 said:

Happy Woman's day 🙂

Awww, thanks!! ((())))) Hugs!


15 hours ago, spinstermanquee said:

As Jibralta said ^^^ no disappointments here only hugs (((((((   ))))))) and congrats for doing and standing up for you and your child

Ur amazing, honestly, thank you so much! Cannot thank you all enough, I feel so loved thank you!

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