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Consensual Non-Monogamy

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What this is not: cuckholding, sissy, demeaning.
What this is: Exploring sensuality with permission of spouse.

Curious if anyone has experience with well-managed NM. It is very complex and requires a high degree of honesty from all involved; often it devolves into one form or another or expression of contempt, but that is not the point. 

I was in an open marriage for 9 of our 11 years and it worked wonderfully until rules were broken and underlying psychology leaked out. Long story short that ended and I am 22 years into my marriage. Wife went from high interest to nearly none sexually, under the influence of a few drinks I am not really her type sexually though she deeply loves me, and I her. I encouraged her to explore her interests benignly and not deny her desires. That happened and she appreciated the freedom.

She was the "other women" with a married man before we met; he was the love of her life I think. I would like her to pursue excitement with an appropriate person, and would appreciate doing the same.

Anyone else with experience?


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Trust and peace is maintained by couples who communicate well enough to establish a matched definition of loyalty and consistently enough to reaffirm that loyalty.

So what are wife's responses to your conversations about this desire?

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What's complex about two adults agreeing to sleep around and sleep with each other?I would think taking a poll is meaningless because it's individual -people have individual values, desires, what they want out of a relationship or marriage.  Sometimes it might require honesty -meaning sharing details and agreeing to certain boundaries but then others might not need "honesty" because they don't care who their partner is having intercourse or sex acts with.  

I hope you find a partner who is on the same wavelength with you on this subject and that it's fun for both of you.

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