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Was I a rebound?

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8 hours ago, gamon said:

I don't know... no offense but upon reading your last two pages of posts I've got my concerns about your mental state.

You seem to have no boundary issues whatsoever, you completely cross lines into areas of other people's lives that are none of your business, accept ownership of vehicles and large cash gifts from a guy you have known a month and you see nothing wrong with any of it.

And yet your main concerns are that this guy and his exwife should look crazier than you and whether this guy who clearly wants nothing to do with you still has feelings for you.







Well he always had me looking crazy… that’s only because he has to be narcissistic or has signs of it. And I don’t want anything to do with him either.

8 hours ago, Batya33 said:

Wow - so what does it mean when a man who treats you this way has feelings of love for you?  That's what you're harping on -he "loved you?"  You had the "girlfriend" title  -and no you were not the girlfriend -married men can't date.

I like the advice of seeking out a therapist.  Good luck.

Still don’t see why you feel like you don’t feel like we weren’t in a relationship or that I never really had the girlfriend title. Of course I did. They divorced in august… he and I started seeing each other in early may.

5 hours ago, Rose Mosse said:

You saw his true colours and I'd reconsider if you were in any relationship if he treated you the way he did. Hindsight is 20/20 and this is all past tense now. Try to learn from the experience. 

I generally don't pay attention to relationship status or not. It's what the underlying intentions are in seeing and dating a person that matters overall, personally. His activities and the way he involved you were suspicious from the start so, no, personally, I wouldn't consider his intentions genuine or having anything to do with being sincerely interested in a person or akin to a relationship.

Keep your private/personal life away from any of these people. Lay low for awhile and do your own thing.

Suspicious from the start? How so? You feel like he just wanted to be with me because he wanted to put titles in my name? I am done with them or trying to have any involvement with them. They can have each other. I saw them both leaving out at his building (company) and I knew they were involved. So that’s when I asked for my bike back. 

4 hours ago, MissCanuck said:

You're insanely jealous of his wife and it shows, OP. 

Leave them both alone now. 

No I’m not. Not sure what you’re reading. I’m just pointing out facts.

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Your extreme jealousy of her has you competing with her.  Who got the biggest ring, who was treated best, who did he love more? etc.  None of those are facts--just your opinion.  Still not sure if you're trying to convince us or yourself.

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I had a very similiar thing happened to me I was so sure that my ex  would take me back asap that when she wanted to go slow I was kinda shocked and like "Wow who are you anyway you are the chick who loved me for years are you for real" of course I didnt tell her that but I made her so mad in the upcoming weeks that she cried and offered apolgy for her actions which was not wrong by the way I was an a.... it was just my ego and plus she was not that beatiful after all. Now I am not saying this a good thing but thats how I felt and this looks very similiar.

He probably took you for granted and when he saw that you are cautios it hurt his ego. Plus I am not saying the women talk you is fake or not but he %100 has some other women around because men only act like this towards their ex when they have decent replecaments.

How do I know well I am a men too.

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