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My bf lied to me about his virginity.

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35 minutes ago, Blue_Skirt said:

Am I the only one who thinks this thread is not for real? I always am puzzled when GF and BF come on the same thread.

Anyway, in case this is for real, my question to GF is, were you shocked that he was not a virgin anymore, or were you shocked that he lied?

I was shocked that he lied. As already mentioned in the question, the way he spoke I did not expect that it would have gone that far. Insecurities or imaginations started much later when I felt he compared. But, as my bf already mentioned he din mean to compare and by mistake he said some things which made me feel he compared. Even though I understand for now that okay he did not mean to compare, sometimes it hits back because of ldr or because of something I have seen online.

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