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Why did he not want to sleep at my place after already hooking up?


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31 minutes ago, Rose820 said:

He left at 1:30 am so I doubt another date but it could be he was just bored and wanted a quick hangout with me 

Or perhaps a bootycall he wanted to meet up with. 

Whatever the case, I wouldn't stress over it. He seems lukewarm so I would leave it at that. 

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If you choose to have sex early on with someone you don't know well and without establishing that you're exclusively dating (yes I know happily married couples who had sex the first night they met) then you choose the downside of having no idea where they are or who they are with or who they are having sex with when the person is not with you.  Maybe he had a first meet with someone the next morning and didn't want to go meet from your place.  And that would be none of your business. 

I never had casual sex but I dated more than one person at a time until I was exclusive with a person and sometimes I had two dates in one day or a date at lunch time after a nighttime date so -no I wouldn't have been staying over. 

Yes I had many many sleepovers in my dating days where we did not have sex because I didn't do casual sex, established that directly and succintly early on and was fine with sleepovers with certain guys as long as we were on the same page about no sex - never lead anyone on, never got complaints. 

I almost never stayed over before we knew each other well and almost never unless there was serious potential.  Yes some exceptions.  And there were just as many men I was serious about -saw serious potential -and for various reasons chose not to sleep over -not because of sex or no sex -just "because" I wasn't yet comfortable.  

I'm surprised you're harping on him not staying over and not simply moving on given his "see ya around" comment at the end of the night.  Who cares why? He told you from the get go he didn't see serious potential and if he was enthusiastic about dating you, seeing you again do you really think he'd give you that sort of brush off?

I'd move on and you do you -if one of your criteria for your dating partners are that they're good with sleeping over when you've first met and you think it's odd if someone has casual sex and goes home - then cross that guy off your list -especially since it's just casual

-it's not that hard to find men to date who enjoy hanging out and hooking up - planning dates in public takes advance thought and effort much of the time and it's more typically done where the people see potential long term (unless both people are into the same activities and want an activity partner as well as a date). 

You say (you say -I don't really believe you to be honest!) you are the go with the flow type -not looking for anything serious and if it happens it happens - so along with that just be picky about who you casually date so you don't put up with someone who'd be hesitant to sleep over.

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