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Long distance relationship


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I live a long distance relationship with a man who lives 600 miles from me. We are so much deeply in love and we even talked about marriage, about being together forever and even though we thought about breaking up because of our distance, we just can't because our love is like the air we breath. We need each other. I know that it may sound stupid but we are not teenagers, we have 40 yrs old and we are aware of all our difficulties and we recognize love.

I have a child and I can't move away for many reasons and he has an old mom to care of and he can't leave her alone because she can't take care of herself and he doesn't have sibilings. His mom doesn't want to move away which is understandable and I can't either... We can see each other once in a months and we never know if this would be possible in the future because of our jobs, our families... The only way we can be together is about him moving in my house and I want that to happen soon because I just need him and he needs me. 

I'm sure you may think that I still have the answer in the words I just wrote, but it's not that simple because love is so rare and I don't wanna give up because it's really hard. I would be a crazy coward and he doesn't want to give me up either. If his mother wouldn't be so sick and she would move here we could be together but I understand her needs.

My question is not really a question but I need to talk to someone who is living my situation and can truly understand. I'm lonely because nobody understand and I'm so scared that our dreams will never come true...however, if I stop trying, I may regret it forever.

Love is the most important thing in the world and I learn it from my ex-husband and from my parents who never loved each other. I'm not stupid but I recognize love, I can read my heart and my feelings are clear. We have no doubts about our love but...I want to be honest, I need somene to tell me that we may be together and happy in our future. Again, I'm not stupid but with him, I started beathing and living again and if I lose him, I believe I may die inside, just like him. We suffer our distance but we know that our future is not written yet and we fight for that.

Please, don't be mean or treat me like a stupid because I'm really going through a very hard moment. Some people told me that a long distance relationship is the most stupid thing to start, but we are just so right for each other and we love each other more than anything, we respect each other, we are loyal, we understand each other and we have faith... I find the man I've always been looking for but he lives too far. 

I need somene who can give me an advice or mabye a little hope or strenght.

Thank you for reading and for answering.

Thank you so much.

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Let’s say this is love and the greatest thing that has ever happened, why not just continue what you’re doing?

If you’re wanting to be together in person find a way.

There’s no need to justify what you feel or what you both share. Just do what you need to do and if that’s not possible, continue what you’re doing here. It doesn’t sound like anything else is an option. 

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