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Me and my ex are on good terms, from her point of view. Day by day she gets more annoying. "Day and night she talks, each word more useless than the next" in the words of an SNL skit. Now she has told me if she's getting on my nerves to just tell her, but that directly attacks my fear of confrontation. And it's easy to avoid her physically, but online is an entirely different creature. Do I just tell her and feel like I've crushed her (she still likes me) or just plain not get online, since I do rarely really talk to anyone (and most the people I could "talk" to just plain bother me)? See not getting online seems like the obvious choice, but there some people who I get along with that I actually have fun talking to that are on at the same time as her. Or is the unspoken choice of just not really responding much to her best? I just need a different view of this problem.

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Just tell her she's annoying you. Get some guts. Ignoring her and not getting online would hurt a lot more, because if your online everyday then you stop, and if you see her a lot during school then you start avoiding she's going to think something is up and will get mad even more and it will make her really mad/sad at you. It's best just to tell her you don't want to be with her anymore.

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Flip the situation. How would you feel if you liked your gf and she is getting annoyed of YOU and she is ignoring you in person and online, like got a new screen name and has stopped talking to you, blocked you, etc. You would feel pretty hurt right?


I think that would really suck if that happened. I think it would be a negative emotional release if you just took 5-10 minutes to break up with her. Then she gets over it faster you don't hurt her that much she doesn't tell all her friends your an ***.


So get some guts, be a man.

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I'm not really avoiding her at school, we have nothing with eachother except lunch, which we've always sat apart at. But judging from your response I think you misunderstood something: we've already broken up, that's why I first stated her as my ex. But you are right, I probably would be somewhat hurt in that situation.

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Hmmmm..Peckle, if this is your "ex"...you don't owe her anything...

just keep your associations very brief and minimal. If she tries talking to you online...say you can't talk long, or that you're busy. If she asks you directly if she's annoying you..then be honest and tell her. There is no need

to be uneccesarily mean, especially if she isn't doing anything malicious.

This post reminds me of EXACTLY why I think talking to an ex is a BAD idea....in my opinion the feeling of "indifference" from an ex I still have feelings for , is worse than feeling hate from them. At least hate is still a strong emotion..and still every connected to love in some twisted way. Indifference...is that place most people who have been dumped want to be...When all you feel is indifference...you're free.

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