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im being paranoid i know but......

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ok, so today is my bf's moms birthday dinner. i was supposed to go, but i have exams this week and decided to stay home and study..... i found out about 2 hours before it, that his ex gf may be there becuase her and and his dad work together and are friends...... now i trust him, becuase i know how much he cares about me, but i dont trust her.... i met her a few weeks ago when my bf and i went to a movie and she was there with her bf... she acted more chummy with my bf than her own! oy...


all of this wouldnt bother me so much though if i hadnt found posts by my bf on a forum.... hes a totally different person there. he swears a lot and tells complete crap stories (one about our relationship)..... anyone have anything to say that may help me feel less jealous/ confused/ upset??

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He sounds a bit two sided, trust me, two sided people are not the way to go... But then again, the internet does stuff to people, I swear... it's something about the anonymity of a computer screen that makes people act entirely different. Hopefully he never acts like this in real life.


It seems to me that you don't trust him as much as you say you do. To be quite honest, from the way you describe him, finishing school is about a thousand times more important than going to a dinner his sleazy ex MIGHT be going to.

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Have you ever heard the expression, "YOu can't cure normal" ?


Given the behavior of this so-called "boyfriend" of yours, I'd say that feeling jealous/ confused/ upset is NORMAL.


How do you feel less jealous/ confused/ upset?? Tell the guy it's soooo over.


Why do you want someone who makes you feel jealous/ confused/ upset anyway??

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Your signature quote reads: Ever loved someone so much that it hurt??


No. I haven't. Love is never supposed to be a painful experience!

Love is happiness, joy, kindness, support, caring, giving, sharing, comfort, someone to rely on, understanding, peace, contentment............

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Disregarding for a moment his forum posts ... why would you miss your boyfriend's mother's birthday dinner? I take it you were invited? I don't imagine it was going to take that long and you could have found other times to study over the weekend. I bet he and his family are going to be more impressed with the respect shown to his Mom by his ex that that shown by you.


As to his posting on a forum about your relationship - what is your post on this forum about? Or am I missing something?

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ok, i couldnt go becuase if i dont pass all of my exams im not allowed to drive for the summer, thereforeeee, i cant see him at all. so i had to study and he told me i should stay home and study.


his ex gf is his dads friends daughter, so its not like she was specifically invited.


as for my posts on this forum, im not exaggerating stories about our relationship and not swearing up and down.

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If you trust him then it should not matter that you don't trust her. Even if she tries to get back with him it won't work because he is trustworthy and will turn her down. So you should have no need to worry.


But then, if he exaggerates things and posts things on that forum that you don't like, maybe he is not trustworthy after all.

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