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What's happening... what does this mean

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hey, i'd like some advice on how to deal with this kind of situation...my ex and i broke up 2 months ago after 5 months of being together..he dumped me sayin that it was him not me..anyway..i found out the real reason he broke up with me...it was becuz i was complaining..i'm not sayin i didn't complain once in awhile( it had nothing to do about us ..just complaining about school and stuff) so when i found out that he had lied to me i took the teddybear that he had given me on valentines day..riped it open, took all the stuffing out and put it in his locker..don't know if it was such a good idea..he found it about 3 days later..but for some odd reason he re-stuffed it with newspaper and stappled it back together, and then i caught him putting the teddy bear back in my locker..now first of all..WHY WOULD HE DO THIS? so when i walked to my locker i took it out told him i didn't want it anymore and threw it in the back..which is where his locker is..and then he left so i put it back in his locker...he had a sad face for the rest of the day...WHY WOULD HE CARE?..Then lately he's been flirting with one of my exfriend on purpose in front of me..they used to never talk.she use to hate him.WHY IS SHE DOIN THIS? ..But just last nite when i was workin at the restaurant...which he knew i work at.he comes and eats supper.with his mother..i like his mother....the reason he knows i was workin..is becuz i told my friend i was workin that nite when he was standin in hearing zone..and the whole time he was there he was starin at me..WHY..WHY..WHY? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME..AND WHAT DO I DO..THIS IS GETTIN RIDICULOUS

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Sound that he might still like you, Dont think it was a wise thing to rip the teddy and put the stuffing in his locker, he must care if he put the teddy back together and put it in your locker,


what do you want from this guy, friendship or to get back with him?

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OK, I read your other post. Im gonna be blunt but polite, someday you will look back at this situation and realize that it was all "high school BS", you are too young to be stressing over a guy, live your life, date more than one guy...BUT BE SMART (ya know, safe sex if you do, dont let anyone use you etc.) enjoy being a teenage girl and think about your future.


Thats just my advice to you, Im twice your age and Im not saying that to offend you, but even at age 33 and going through my own break up, Im still dealing with "high school BS"


I hope my words of wisdom helped.


Have a great day!

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