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My step dad passed away at 4:05 PM


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Thank you everyone. My step father was the kindest greatest man. I am with my mom and we are starting funeral arrangements now. His 82nd birthday would have been December 16th. The doctor said his chest X-ray was clear of pneumonia yesterday but his heart was just too weak to continue. Yesterday at 3 they intubated him because even full  oxygen with a face mask wasn’t enough, then his heart stopped 3 times and 3 times they brought him back. The doctor my mom the third time because it took so long to restart his heart that time he was most likely brain dead my mom decided to let him go. He spent his last moments with my mom who he loved the most in the world. The love of his life. 

He was the most kind and generous man who took in my brother and I as his own despite having three children of his own from his first marriage. His first wife died 33 years ago . He took us as his own even though we were adults at the time . He was a true blessing to our lives and was a loving doting grandfather to our children. My son was his star in the heavens. 

I feel so badly for my mother who has outlived 2 husbands now  and my son who has lost all his grandfathers in the space of 16 months. My step dad was his major father figure when his dad was away from the time he was 8 until he was 15. Him and my step dad had an unbreakable bond from the day he was born. 

I love you with all my heart , Papa. 

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What a wonderful selfless man. The loss of such a grand soul from all your lives has to be crushing but from what you have written he made a huge impact on all your lives and those memories cannot be taken away.

It sounds like he lived a good life full of love and happiness.

Condolences to you and everyone that knew him.


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1 hour ago, itsallgrand said:

I'm so sorry for your loss. ❤️

That's so beautiful what you wrote about him. He leaves a legacy of genuine love and kindness and a great big open heart. 

Sending you so much love. 


He genuinely had the kindest heart and he was a great man loved by many. My mom and I just sit here and stare off into space and randomly start to cry. It is so shocking and devastating. 

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My condolences Seraphim - nothing anyone can say can make this better.


I am not religious, but I have come to think the people we loved, when they go, they are still with us, just in a different form - whether that be memories you hold dear or other beliefs you may have.


Try and be kind to yourself in this moment and get rest where you can. I don’t think grief ever gets easier but, you slowly become accustomed to having it there and you find a way to live alongside it, as I think you have experienced before.


All the best, good things still to come,


Lo x

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