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My step dad passed away at 4:05 PM

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What a wonderful selfless man. The loss of such a grand soul from all your lives has to be crushing but from what you have written he made a huge impact on all your lives and those memories cannot be taken away.

It sounds like he lived a good life full of love and happiness.

Condolences to you and everyone that knew him.


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1 hour ago, itsallgrand said:

I'm so sorry for your loss. ❤️

That's so beautiful what you wrote about him. He leaves a legacy of genuine love and kindness and a great big open heart. 

Sending you so much love. 


He genuinely had the kindest heart and he was a great man loved by many. My mom and I just sit here and stare off into space and randomly start to cry. It is so shocking and devastating. 

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My condolences Seraphim - nothing anyone can say can make this better.


I am not religious, but I have come to think the people we loved, when they go, they are still with us, just in a different form - whether that be memories you hold dear or other beliefs you may have.


Try and be kind to yourself in this moment and get rest where you can. I don’t think grief ever gets easier but, you slowly become accustomed to having it there and you find a way to live alongside it, as I think you have experienced before.


All the best, good things still to come,


Lo x

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