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We have always used your login name/username to log you into the website. But that is now really a secure way of doing it as your username is a public information. The new forum allows us to use stricter and more reliable security protocols which we will enable  and start using from January 2022.  What this really means is that instead of your username you will need to enter your email affiliated with your ena account and password. So please do make sure you know what email address you used here.  

Additionally we are now also able to provide you with Two Factor Authentication which can be found in your account settings here https://www.enotalone.com/settings/account-security/ . This is very important because even if you lost  all access to the website we can still automatically verify your identity and restore your access.

And of course now you also periodically check the devices which have access to your account here https://www.enotalone.com/settings/devices/

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16 minutes ago, melancholy123 said:

All I have to do now is click the link on my desktop and I'm in.  That works for me so I dont see a need to change it.  Will anything be different when the change is made in Jan?

You will just login with the email that you used for this site and password, but your screen name will remain the same. Basically it’s to avoid somebody pretending that they’re melancholy 123 and hacking you or something. No one knows what email you used for the site so safer. I also did one of the security features for the site to recover my access If anything goes awry. 

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You don't need to reset your password- simply note the email address that is listed in your profile, and login using that rather than your user ID without changing the password that is automatically entered into the password box by your browser or whatever third party password manager you might be using.

You don't need to wait until January 22 or whenever the update takes place, do it now and you're all set. This needs to be done only once, your browser updates your login credentials and then it's business as usual, no big deal folks.



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