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Prayers/Good Thoughts for the people of British Columbia


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Yes, is awful 😞 .

They got up to 200 ml of rain.

I know many out that way friends and 2 aunts.  One told me last night, they got abt 175 ml where she is... wow!

Meritt completely closed, and roads flooded and/or landslides.  Just a nightmare! To the point, their only way out is by air ( unless the cross over to the States to get around- but there's issue's that way as well) .. *sigh*.


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I just seen a news story yesterday of everyone now in that area panic buying and that's causing major issues.

With being cut off from the rest of Canada, people are scared of running out of food and gas, so they are all running to the stores and buying everything up.

It's causing chaos.

Those poor people. I pray it gets resolved soon. Not a good situation at all. 😞

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