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I am unnamed relationship with my cousin, i need help


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Our relationship now i think is friendship just. She is 24 y.o. and I am 20 y.o. When i was 16 we started to live together with my granny. From this time we spent together to much time and she started to be touchy with me, even she walked near me half-naked. She tried to be with me whole day. When i played games she came and played with me, started to read my books, tried to dress same as me(Really:)). She really flirted me and I didn't understand that, because my social skill was not good and I never been in relationship with any girl. One day suddenly i touched to her back, and she rubbed me her back and smiled. But i was shy and I didnt reacted to it. I liked it because i wanted it, but did just nothing. After she came more touchy with me and tried to spend more and more time. Actually i loved it because i loved her too. This lasted 2 year till she left house and started to live alone. I was 17 when she left house for live alone. In this time sometimes she chatted me but i didnt reacted because thought  that she is my cousin and our love story is not possible. I didnt reacted to her. One day i learned that she is dating with a guy from her university (She is studying medicine). This made me to do more efforts to take her back. I missed her flirts and I started to flirt her. Often i reacted to her stories, called her to drink something, texted her. But every time she texted just with short answer: yes, cool, okay, yeah. This lasted till this year and about 5 monthes ago she get broke with her bf. Today i went for a walk with her finally. I thought that everything finished now we are just cousins, friends really. Today she started to be touchy with me like old times, she kissed from from cheeks when greeted (she never did it in this 2 years), laughed  to much with me and was so hot while watching me. She reminded me old times (4 years ago). Now my brain is burning. Now i understand that this signes is positive, beacuse in last 2 year i meet to many girls and got some knowledge  about girls finally. But does she loves me, is that possible to i try to get closer to her. I dont want to lose her and I love her. What is ur advice to me? 

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I don't see flirty advances here, OP. I think you are seeing her current conduct through a filter of desire because you want her to be hot for you, but there isn't anything in your description that suggests romantic interest. 

And as the others have pointed out, unless cousin romances are accepted in your culture, it is best to avoid this anyway. 

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4 years ago, you two were both young and new to 'feelings' and just learning.

I say you ended up with a crush on her, as your hormones were crazy.

But, it was just that.  Nothing real, nothing true.

And she moved on and got a real boyfriend.  You should have let that all go by now.

I would not look at a cousin that way. Is fine to see them as good looking, but I would never act on anything. is normal to be attracted to someone but not to cross the lines.

I think you should speak up now and tell her to stop being so flirty with you.  Say you have grown up and will not get involved with a 'cousin'.

So, she needs to learn some respect and healthy boundaries. Not start at you again.


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