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What should we do after dinner, second date


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If she just wanted sex then don't you think she would have suggested going back to your room?  Did you lean in for a kiss or hold hands or anything?  Just asking...

Like I said before.  If you just want to bang girls then do as your buddies suggest but if you want something more real then slow it down a little.

  I am pretty sure she was letting you down easy but it still sucks no matter the why.  We all have questions we want answered.  "What did I do wrong?"  "What was she expecting from me?"  "Should I have made a move to kiss her?"

In the end we are not there and can't feel the vibe you do.  If it is all free spirits with no strings attached type of girls then yes maybe going for it sooner is the right move.  If you want a series of short term flings or not is the question isn't it?

I am sorry, I was really hopeful things would have turned out the way you wanted.  I have been where you are and it does suck giant monkey butt.


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10 hours ago, nman414 said:

I understand that Its time for me to just let things go and move on, but having these unanswered questions is just leading me to be stuck in my thoughts when I need to focus on classes.

She's not interested in dating you. I doubt this has anything to do with you not putting on the moves or appearing sleazy and horny. Your roommate doesn't seem like a good friend. He's goading you on with advice that is bordering on creepy and womanizing. I suggest you listen to your own instincts on this and as mentioned, dust yourself off. 

This was one person while there are many others out there. Perhaps you might want to screen better. I don't think you have done anything wrong. Only accept that she isn't as interested and move on.



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