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Text message harassment from anon person


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8 hours ago, Wiseman2 said:

Who is "he" and who is "them"?

Who's "crazy ex"? 

Who seems innocent? Your current BF an ex BF ?

Who has cameras watching your cat?

Why are your cats staying in them, he(ex?) he (BF?) basement?

Unfortunately your story makes no sense.

You claim they are photos of your rear then segue into you want breast augmentation the go on to claim you don't know who it is then continue with you think he, they, whatever are innocent then claim the police only investigate if you're murdered.

Then claim it's an old phone then claim it's a BFs or ex's iphone then go on and on cameras and one focusing on your cats in he, they, them, anonymous, BF or whoever's basement.

Are you sure this is happening. You claim you went to the police and now "random prostitutes"are being sent to your house?

Have you ever been seen by a physician for all these thoughts/events?

Also he is my boyfriend. The only he I have used. I didn't say my cats were in the basement, they have a room where their food and water and litter box is. I never brought up an ex! I only said my last relationship was a very long time ago so it is unlikely the person texting is an ex! Besides my ex has a child and is engaged. 


I don't think my story doesn't make sense. Just that it is very confusing because the majority of the drama is happening through untraceable numbers. 


If my post reads poorly I apologize. I wanted to type it all down when I had a moment, and I have cleared up a lot of it in the posts to others.


I agree all signs point to him (the boyfriend) but at the same time, i don't see why he wouldn't just suggest we break up instead of going through all of this ? I have also been dealing with this with zero feedback because it stresses my parents out (they insult then send nasty images etc) so I tell then just to ignore the texts, and I have been doing the same.

I just wanted to know how anyone else would react to this situation. Maybe I am a bit crazy for staying or dealing with a lot of this but I am not making this up. If I was wouldn't I post somewhere else where I'd get attention? I came across this website looking for answers and a post similar to my situation popped up with a lot of advice and experiences. This is why I posted here.

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16 minutes ago, Shiroo said:

 I read online sometimes people hire girls like that and then they have their boyfriend come in or whatever and pretend to have found her cheating and steal your money. Regardless it is illegal and I thought the police would get involved but they just said they cannot trace the person texting. Which is true, the fbi does that.

If weirdos and  prostitutes are showing up at your door and stealing, you don't need the FBI.

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OP, it's only confusing because you are in denial about the obvious - it is your bf. Of course he is not going to admit to tormenting you. You've literally crossed paths with someone who is pathological and is playing very cruel games with you for his own perverse pleasure.

You need to get your stuff and get out and block him. Throw away your phone and get a new one once you dump this creep. Do not transfer any data. Completely clean phone. Understand that you will never grasp why psychos do what they do. The only thing you need to understand is that you find yourself in a crazy situation like this, you RUN.

As for why won't he just break up with you? Same reason that nobody can understand about all the psychos who kill their wives/gf's - why not break up? Sane people will never understand the motivations of psychos. The ONLY thing you need to understand is that this guy you are involved with is a bona fide psycho and yes, he is dangerous. Stop living in denial and get out before you end up six feet under. Yes, it's serious.

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Your boyfriend and his other girlfriend are the ones harassing you. It's glaringly obvious.

I have no idea why you are still living with him. No wonder your parents are mad! You're staying with and defending the man who is harassing them!

Why do you want to stay with him? Do you think you'll never find another boyfriend?

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Here's an idea for a test:

Text ONLY your family that you are pregnant and you do not know how to tell your boyfriend. Beforehand have a chat f2f with the family members you will message, that the texts will be just to set a trap and they should not tell your boyfriend about it. Do not tell your boyfriend that you are pregnant and carefully observe his behavior.  He would be too stupid to tell you he knows you are pregnant, because he would let on it was him, the harasser.

But he would be unable to indefinitely control his behavior, body language around you, knowing that you were pregnant. It is too much of an important news to leave him indifferent. 

Even better, if you receive a text anyhow commenting that you are pregnant, then it is clear: it is him, or his ex and either one of them were able to get access to your apple account and monitor your communication. It also means that they are still in contact.

Another option if you have the means: hire a PI to follow him. Overlay the timestamps of messages received and the PI observing your bf texting on his phone. If you have more than 5 timestamp coincidences in a month: its him. Say the PI calls you every time he sees your bf texting. If you right then receive one of these disgusting texts: the time coincidence is telling.

As for why he does not simply leave you: he does not want to leave you, because he enjoys this game of cat and mouse (you being the mouse). The control over your emotional state and seeing you squirm and suffer, I guess, gives him a lot of pleasure to know the extent of his control over you. He may as well enjoy very much the duplicity of the comedy he plays, the tears and swearing that it is not him, knowing full well that in a few hours he would send you yet another 'masterpiece' of  mean message. While your confusion and anguish is bewildering for you, to him is a proof that he can do anything he wants with you, manipulate your thoughts and actions. I guess this feels very powerful, although powerful in a sick way.

One thing that you may also try: instigate a fight with your boyfriend and insult him some, but unrelated to the texts. Say, you tell him he sucks in bed lately and he gets off very quickly. If you immediately after receive a barrage of texts that are even more vicious and hurtful than usual, then you must be sure he is punishing you for the fight.

Good luck. This is quite of a sticky situation to deal with and I do not envy you. But with a little bit of strategy, executed in cold-blood, you may turn the game and become the cat. Courage.

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