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I really need money

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Well, for anyone thats been reading my other posts, I lost my scholarship this last semester, so Im pretty much screwed unless I can get a job or some other money source. Ive tried so hard in the past to get to get jobs, but I can never manage to get one. Ive applied at restaurants, clothing stores, department stores, malls, and just about everywhere else, but no luck. Its really discouraging because I think that Im very responsible and hardworking, and I dont even get an interview, and then my dumb*** stoner friends get the best jobs. I dont know what to do, so any advice would be welcomed.

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Are you networking?


I was considering a career change earlier this year and had several sessions with a career coach. She told me that the vast majority of jobs are gotten through networking....not through answering newspaper ads, or going in cold and filling out applications, or applying online.


Tell everyone you know you're looking for a job. Ask them if their employer is hiring and if they could put in a good word for you. Tell your friends, your teachers, your parents, your parents' friends, people you go to church with or bowl with or whatever. You'll find something faster if you have others looking on your behalf, too.


When my career coach started encouraging me to network, I was very reluctant to do so. I'm a definite loner and it feels very uncomfortable to go that route. Then I thought about it and I realized EVERY job I've had in the last 22 years (including the one I'm in now) I got by networking -- I went to school with someone working at a place, or I used to work with someone who was working for a different company now.


Finding a job is hard, and it can get discouraging. Try to keep a positive outlook, though. Somewhere there's someone looking to hire someone like you...it's just a matter of finding them.

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Garenteed student loans. You get however much you need, every half a year, and you don't pay it back until you graduate from college completely.

and you make payments for whatever you can offord each month after you have graduated and can ask for extentions.

also go for grants (pel is good, im going for pel because my family would be dirt poor if it wasn't for my grandparents and even with them we couldn't afford college, so pel gives familys without a lot of money the grant.)

I hear you on the job thing, jeeze everyone down here are complete pot heads except for me and a few other people (ok not everyone but dang)

and they all have jobs, why can't we get them? I don't know, but don't give up.

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I'll get into trouble for this i'll bet.


You are applying for girls jobs. When I was looking for after hours school friendly work I got rejected from all of those places too.


Apply for a mans job, they suck and probably pay whole lot less and are harder but atleast you'll have a job.


Petrol Station attendant.




Security Guard.


Work in a kitchen.




Networking works, my last two gotten jobs have been through friends.

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Resteraunts and clothing shops etc arent just girl jobs! I have heaps of male friends in those kind of areas and i dont think its about the gender its about the attitude u have when applying for jobs and how this comes accross when you speak to potential employers.


I have never had a problem getting a job and have worked in all sorts of part time areas, some male orientated and some female. I am currently in motorsport and doing mechanicing which is male dominated and i dont have a clue about...but i fought my way through and managed to get a part time job out of this too (doing what i actually want to do, logistics etc) so it proves that there isnt male/female jobs etc.


To the person who said about guaranteed student loans. There is no guaranteed student loans. Well not where im from anyway. it depends on family income and also if you keep changing too much or go on to do further studies you get bugger all.Like me. Its stupid how they assess your family income...my parents are just over the boarder line, so I dont even get the one thing I can apply for a bursery....as they think my dad can just hand me money...what they dont take into account is the fact that hes paying £300 a month upfront for ym tution fees and £80 a month for my car insurance, and thereforeeee cant help me with anything else...


...load of rubbish!!!

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