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I have been with a woman for a little over 2 years... She fell for another person and we are still really really good friends..

Now here is the deal.. I want more then anything to be with a woman.. I love everything bout it.. There are not very many lesbian's in my town.. I guess there is.. But they are all with someone .. So i guess my ? Is .. How to i make a step and tell someone i am a lesbian and get girls to like me.. Where do i meet girls at ?? Someone please help me........

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Are there human rights groups in your town? If so, get involved with that. Do you attend a college or university? Most have gay and les support groups. Are there les or gay bars in your town? Do you have any other gay or les friends? If so, they probably have friends and maybe you could meet their friends at a get together.


If I were you, I would just get to know people and be friends with as many people as you can. It seems like many times people find their lover through mutual friends. Bars probably aren't your best bet to finding a long-term partner.



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Woo I can totally agree with u. I live in south florida and I can't even find a girl I can be interested in. I'm not even totally sure I'm gay yet because I havnt met a girl that I know is a lesbian to be with. I'm with a guy but I'm very attracted to women and when I go away to college I want to pursue it. But the only alternative I can give u is to try online personals like yahoooo or something. Maybe u can really connect with sum1. Good luck.

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