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HELP!!! should i still say happy birthday??

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ok..mayb this is pretty dumb...but please help

about a month ago i went out with this guy. kinda a date. he was really interested in the beginning..and even made plans for summer and everything..i really liked him..but he lost interested after and stopped calling me..then he told me just kinda past..." so i stopped talking to him....... May 30th is his birthday, which is next monday....should i still say happy birthday to him? just a quick msg. nothing else. or should we just continue to be strangers?

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hey lulu,


if he's lost interest, maybe its time to move on sweetie. there's probably plenty of guys who would love your attention - so don't waste your time on him!


if you truly need to, just send him a quick email or smth.. nothing more. who knows, maybe he'll bite again, but don't count on it.


take care.

kung fu ette

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