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My brother still receives mail for his soon to be ex wife. She didn't submit a change of address with the post office when she moved out. Despite the fact that he's written "no longer at this address, return to sender" on every single piece of her mail and gives it back to the mail carrier, her mail still arrives. And no, he is not still hung up on her or hoping for reconciliation.

I think demanding he get it changed or else is a bit much, when you could easily resolve your irritation by simply programming his number into your phone.

If you don't like him and don't want to date him anymore, don't!



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I was on a phone plan with my parents and the caller id always said my dad's name, even though I had gotten my own plan since.  Its because the phone number was first attached to that account. You have to go in and change the "NAME SIGN"   Even if he didn't have a shared plan with her for 5 years, it may still be on there.  You can change the Name sign even if you are on a combined plan. 

I would cut him a break on that one.  Be calm and say "oh, i am sorry i overreacted. Lots of people don't change the Name sign with their carrier (you can edit it on the website sometimes) when they no longer are in the same plan" 


As long as there are no other red flags, i think its fine

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3 hours ago, Guest Anonymous said:

Lol. I am talking about cell phones. They also have caller ID capabilities when a phone call is received from a number that is not saved as a contact.

I'm surprised that some people don't realize this or know what I'm talking about.  Maybe it's different based on the country you are in.

Yes. indeed names sometimes come up especially if its the same carrier. 

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I agree with you that this feels off. If he were truly embarrassed about this, as he claims, he would have changed his cell phone plan a lot sooner. Two years is a long time to maintain financial ties to an ex. I should know, as I’m divorced. Give him a couple weeks to get this sorted. If he doesn’t follow through, that tells you he’s not sincere. Listen to your gut and always look at what people do, not what they say. You have nothing to apologize for here.

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Thanks all for the advice. We mutually ended things.  It just felt off and I'm trying to learn from my past relationships, to listen to those b feelings more.

It's hard when I want a relationship but the candidates just are not on the same page, as in free and clear of the past. I've been the rebound twice in the past and it's brutal to accept in the end.

It could be my own fears but he did confirm in not so many words, it's him.

I feel this is for the best but I'm pretty sick of "it just not being right"

ugh... o well.  c'est le vie! 

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19 hours ago, boltnrun said:

My brother still receives mail for his soon to be ex wife. 



I sometimes get mail for my ex of 21 yrs.  Mind you, he's never lived at my current address of 18 yrs.

I agree with all the scenario's that might explain this.  Just curious as to why he doesn't really pursue changing it.  Especially when it affects his dating life.  Yes, I get it can be challenging and tied up in red tape.  But if he really wanted to fix it, he would.  But he doesn't.

At the same time, if everything else seems to line up, I'd pick my battles and not let this bother me.

But I see you've moved on anyway. . 

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