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Everything went bad in one day, can I salvage our relationship?


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13 minutes ago, East4 said:

She most probably did not want to have sex with you on the morning of her period, women rarely want that as they feel sore already several days before and espacially on the day. She did put out and may felt resentful for sacrificing for you, especially if you were too willing and pushing for it. 

She felt you owned her for her 'sacrifice' of putting out when she didn't want to, so she expected you to do a cut above when her tummy hurt. She obviously didn't feel your help was up a par, so in her mind you were ungrateful. 

This is how I think her internal dialogue went on. Not saying it's OK, her reaction, but you could also be more aware and sensitive to her female clock. 

Not the case for us. I don't want to do it on her period but she doesn't mind. I didn't know until after since it was dark. We're pretty active outside of her period days, usually we do it 2-4 times a day we are with each other. 

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13 hours ago, triceps said:

My girlfriend and I have been together about 4.5 months and we just got back from our first trip together a few days ago, which things went great. I left her place Sunday morning to mine as I needed to take care of my dog and things (we live 45 mins away). We had great sex that morning but she also just started her period that morning and she called me 2 hours after I was back at my place to complain about her really painful period cramps. I wanted to comfort her so I went to go see her and for her to let me know anything she would need on the way. I found 2 of the 3 three items for her, as the third was sold out, as well as some food to cook. She was lukewarm when I got to her place as I didn't bring her third item and I got food to cook that she didn't really want.

Things just kept going downhill. I walked a few blocks to the restaurant that had pumpkin cake she was craving, they didn't have it and I knew she wanted something sweet so I got her a brownie. She was upset that I got her something that I like and not something she wanted. We tried looking for dessert places open and we started driving to another place 20minutes away. She was really irritable in the car complaining about me not washing the inside and to cut in front of another driver, but I just stayed silent to avoid any further conflict. When we got to the place she didn't want to get out and wanted to go back home saying there was nothing I could do for her now and just to drop her off.

I felt really bad at my failed effort to comfort her and apologized over text that night. Today she responded and didn't take my apology well and brought up other issues. I tried addressing what she was upset with, but then she said she had enough and said she can't see herself continuing the relationship with me.

This is my first time seeing her on a bad day for her like this and I know I did everything wrong. I'm really falling for this girl and don't want to lose her, but it seemed like she just gave up on us in 1 day and thinks I always do things against her.

You're not failing at anything! She is selfish, spoilt, entitled and apologies, but she is the B word.

You did everything you could to please her, (more than most would!), and she still stands there stomping her foot and acting like a child.

Why on earth would you put up with this kind of behavior?

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2 hours ago, triceps said:

I have been really blinded because I've never connected physically with anyone better.

You are making a huge mistake by prioritizing sex over any shred of self-respect. 

This is not going to last, no matter how you slice it, so you might as well regain some of your dignity and walk away now. It's only a matter of time before she ditches you for her next punching bag anyway. 

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She has some of your stuff so give it a week and if you haven't heard from her send her a text telling her to box up your stuff so you can come by and pick it up.  Nothing more nothing less.

  The only thing you did wrong was lose sight of the whole package you want.  Don't feel bad it happens all the time to men.  Pretty face and nice body plus great sex all the time and our brains get mushy.

  Lesson learned right?  Maybe, maybe not...


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14 minutes ago, Wise Wally said:

Agree with all of the advice given.  The funny part is, this woman would have respected you 10x more if your response was, " B****, grab a dish sponge and go out and find your own pumpkin cake!!!"

Any man who spoke to me that way would be shown the door and told never to come back.

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Just now, Wise Wally said:

As you should.  You are already a better catch than the girl described in this post.  

She is definitely not a catch. She's a spoiled entitled brat. 

Every woman gets cramps. That doesn't entitle us to treat people like servants.

I presume she is transactional. She provides mind-blowing sex and he's supposed to be her slave in return. Total dysfunction.

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