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nc/contact/nc/contact and hopefully the end of it all!

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Well….of course as most of u already know I had broken the NC rule…yea I know WHY???? Its been 6 months now and I still miss him terribly…we have seen each other and yes it was wonderful like always. We have spoken here and there whether I had called or for once he called to say "whats up". I honestly don't care if he is talking to someone or not (though I know he is and he just wont admit it to me) but hey I don't care anymore. Yesterday he called me. I couldn't believe it (might I say that he has stopped calling me completely which lead me to obviously think that there was someone else) but anyway he calls to say whats up and he started telling me his dilemmas and all that…and how everything is kinda hard for him…bills…car and all that…I felt bad (because that's just me) we spoke for a minute and then later on last night he calls and asks me for a favor…well of course how did u guess…it was to borrow a $100. At first I agreed to lend it to him then after I thought again and was like o hell no!!!! After what happened last time (which is in one of my posts). So yea I changed my mind and HE WAS LIVID!!! He was like how can u do that…ur the only one I would ask…blah blah…I said go ask ur boys or ur sidekicks….I have to pat myself on my back cuz I have NEVER said no to him though it killed me to. I felt sooooo bad but ya know what I put my foot down. Then we were emailing one another prior to me saying no….i asked y did u leave me in the first place??? I forgot! He replied with I just fell out of love. Sooooo I was sooo hurt b/c remember we remained intimate soooo I really was fuming that's when I told him I cant and wont lend u the money! This morning I called him at work and he said not to ever call him again and that I was a f'in bi***!!!! The moral of the story …this was the first time I said No to him and he pretty much sent me to hell and back so that just proves once again that he is a real scum bag!!!!! I am hurting but I feel good!!! I would rather him think of me in the worst way and never talk to me again and always keep in my mind that for once im not taking his crap and for once have showed some respect for myself!!!!!

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I cannot believe the nerve of some people. Breaks up with you and then, months later, calls to ask for money??? He gave you your wake-up call. He did you a favor. You are not a doormat. You will find someone absolutely wonderful - when the time is right. Take some time to heal. Pamper yourself. Spend time with friends and family - people who love you for you, and not because they want something from you. I have sooo been there. Doesn't it feel good to take control of your life! Be proud of yourself. I hope others in similar situations will read and learn from your experience. Good luck.

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