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Size matters?

Soja b

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16 hours ago, Soja b said:

You guys are right. To be honest, she has already slept with an old friend of mine recently (whilst drunk) who is renowned for being “well endowed.” She turns into a different person after a drink. 

No, she isn't. That side of her is very much her, too. 

Did she sleep with this friend of yours while she was dating you? Because that should be a drop-dead dealbreaker, even if she weren't already rude and disrespectful to you.

It would be like telling her that your ex was a lot more busty and voluptuous than she is, and so were all your previous lovers, and you "want more" when you touch her there. Imagine how well that would go over. 

You can do better than this chick, for so many reasons. 

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