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Did I overreact by blocking him?


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8 minutes ago, Jeepgobeep said:

This dude mentioned beta males several times. 

Eh, that's typical internet vernacular these days.

If you know the game, wasn't the first clue the fact than a random guy with an anonymous profile contacted you out of the blue? 

That would have instantly told me he's hiding himself for a reason. 

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11 minutes ago, LaHermes said:

It that's the case OP, then the "easily frightened" types are not the kind of man you would want in your life!


So pretty much the majority of the population lol but I agree

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23 hours ago, Jeepgobeep said:

This is exactly why I blocked him! I hated sitting there being like....why isn't he messaging? Will I ever hear from him again? 

So go out and shake it off. It doesn't have to be a very big deal.  I'm sure the firefighter profile is alluring in some way but you know there are other men who fly under the radar and are much more put together than this and less shady. Good for you for blocking. 

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