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Guy is driving me crazy


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Okay so same guy but now seems to keep taking about me leaving him or breaking up. Driving me crazy and I told him so. Then he says I love you  so this morning he sends this Have a good day at work, and stay out of trouble! It took me 10 years to find you…..don’t want to have a long term relationship (but I would with you if needed 😘) with you while you are on a rig 😂😂.   What the hell is going on with this guy.  Is he giving me hints on wanting to leave as I have repeatedly told

him I’m not going anywhere.  Then he will say he is not leaving me he wants to marry me.  What do you guys think

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OP, I said this to you end last month:

"You know this is not going to work OP. Don't waste any further time. You got good advice on your other couple of threads on this same problematic issue."

You would do well to stop wasting your valuable time on this player.  Stop trying to second guess his crazy games. Just break it off and get on with your life. 

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