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How do I show I care?


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Tell your GF you do have a problem, and you need some of her help with your behavior. You got to get her onboard with this. Get her to stop you each time this bad behavior arises, whether it's a lie, false promise, not following through, etc. Talk about what is happening, then let her make suggestions to correct it, and be there to make sure you follow through. Once that is completed, she needs to reward the behavior by giving you acknowledgement that what you did makes her happy, give you a hug a kiss whatever. It's going to be awkward and a little tedious at first but you two can do this together. it's about retraining your brain. You both want change right? Give it a try. Just remember, if you get frustrated, express how you are feeling, talk it out or take a break, 5 mins come back to it. Over time you will gain the right kind of coping skills.

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1 hour ago, DancingFool said:

It sounds like you might be living with undiagnosed ADHD

Living with two people with ADHD, I definitely recommend getting checked for this.  It is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, or makes you less of an awesome person.  It's like having a racecar for a brain.  It's processing at a super high speed, or you may be impulsive or get lost in a thought, wanna conquer the world one day, and get stuck watching youtube all day the next.  There are tools to work on things too!

I find it helps for you and others to know your strengths and things to improve upon.  My hubs and son are geniuses IQ wise, so there's that...your brain is just running on warp speed!

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