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Hi everyone


My ex ended things with us 3 months ago after nearly 4 years together. He ended it so much out of the blue for me, when i thought everything was going great. He didnt give me a reason for the breakup till 2 months later and even at that, he changed his mind why he did it practically every day. At first he was saying that he couldnt handle his jealousy that he felt when we were together and that it was nothing to do with him not wanting to be with me. He then gave me a number of different excuses with the last one being that he didnt feel the same about me anymore. Now when i look at it with a clearer head, i know that he was keeping the reason from me was so that i would never have proper closure. I couldnt understand why we couldnt be together and as a result always broke no contact to ask him why he didnt want me anymore. About 3 weeks ago, i decided that i had enough and i was going to move on and just talk to him casually, anytime he would mention our relationship i would change the subject coz i wanted him to think that i had moved on and wasnt hurting so much. Eventually last week, he decided to tell me that he still loved me and that he had made a bad decision and wanted me back. We spoke for 2 hours and he said that his new girlfriend meant nothing to him and he was doing it to get over me. About 5 hours later though, he texted saying that he regreted everything he had said and that he never wants back with me. I was devastated yet again.


Now though, we dont speak atall but he texted last night saying that he still had stuff of mine and did i want it back. I asked what sort of things and he said "just stuff". He then added at the end of it that he could never speak to me again after what i did last week. I dont have a clue what he's talking about, the only thing that happened was him telling me he wanted me, then decided afterall that he didnt. When i texted asking him what i had meant to have done he didnt reply. Is this some sort of mind game? Why would he enjoy making things up and accuse me but never tell me what they actually are? I know i shouldnt be bothered what he says, but we both have mutual friends and i hate the thought of him making up lies and telling people them Why does he hold so much anger towards me when i didnt do anything wrong All i did was try to be friends then he ruined it by saying he wanted back together and then changed his mind a few hours later. I didnt reject him so i cant understand where this anger is coming from

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